Regina Skills and Trades Centre helps Regina Food Bank on major project

A lot of good things are being done at the same time on the roof of one of the Regina Food Bank’s buildings.
The Regina Trades and Skills Centre (RTSC) brought roofing students to help with 5,000 square feet of the Regina Food Bank’s roof replacement.
“It’s a win win for everybody involved, ” said Melissa Dobrowolski, operations manager of Regina Skills and Trades Centre. “First and foremost we look for community projects for the students to get involved in so they can apply the training they learn in that classroom into an onsite practical application. The Food bank, it’s an amazing cost-saver for them.”
Brendan’s Roof Repair donated tools and the supervisory help with the project, as well as providing guardrails.
The project had an estimated cost of $115,000 but will cost about $55,000 thanks to the donations and the labour.
The students get a couple of weeks of experience on a major project.
“Days like today make you proud to live in our community,” said David Froh, vice-president of the Regina Food Bank. “This project is so huge for us, because when you save $60,000, that’s $60,000 you can buy and distribute food with.”
“It’s a huge win for the community, it’s a huge win for our students, it’s a huge win for the employers that are taking our students because they are coming out prepared and they are ready to go to work,” said Dobrowolski.

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