Regina Councilor Shaw calls fellow councilors ‘hypocrites’ regarding mask use during meeting

Ward 7 councillor Terina Shaw had some choice words for her fellow councillors at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

“If you insist on preaching your choice to others, wear your mask when the cameras are on and take them off when the camera are off,” she said. “You are hypocrites; you are not leaders; you don’t deserve my respect or the citizen’s respect.”

After an exchange with another councillor, believed to be Ward 1 councillor Cheryl Stadnichuk Shaw’s mic was cut off.

“There should be a level of respect and not calling out other people on this floor; we are supposed to treat each other with respect.”

This is not the first time Shaw has spoken out against masks during city council.

During the March 2 city council meeting, she stated that she doesn’t like that the city strongly encourages mask use in its facilities and on transit. She said that phrasing makes people like her feel ‘unwelcome.’

Mayor Sandra Masters responded, saying that discussions on council should be focused on the matters on hand.

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