Highways highlight bear pit session with Premier

Premier Scott Moe highlighted the final day of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) annual convention with a bear pit session.

Those in attendance had a chance to ask either Premier Moe or one of his cabinet ministers who were in attendance.

Delegates asked questions about crime watch and prevention, the energy sector, but highways were the main focus.

Moe said that as the province continues to grow, fixing highways is more difficult.

“Many of the questions had to with a lot of challenges that we haven’t experienced for a couple of years but did experience a number of years ago, and those are challenges of growth,” he said. “The questions coming are coming in on how we are going to service the truck traffic in these areas, how are we going to serve some of these large facilities that are being built in these various communities.”

Moe said that the Government is focused on improving highways, though it will take some time.

“We have a growth plan target to improve 10,000 kilometres of the highway by the year 2030, and we are committed to doing 1,100 kilometres this year. The question is, should we be investing more, and what we heard today is that we should look at that.”

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