Government trying to “lift” helium industry

The provincial government is trying to give some “lift” to the helium industry in Saskatchewan.

Working with the Saskatchewan Research Council, the government is putting up a grant of 140 thousand dollars to complete a Helium Liquefaction Study.

The government believes there are high helium concentrations around the province that could be used to increase its market share.

“We are already home to Canada’s largest purification facility, near Battle Creek, and liquefaction is the crucial, next step, as we aim to supply ten per cent of global helium market share by 2030,” Energy and Resources Minister Bronwyn Eyre said in a news release to CKRM.

“Only liquid helium can be exported overseas and as many end-users require liquid helium, a provincial liquefaction facility will improve both the marketability and pricing for Saskatchewan’s significant helium resources.”

Helium is used for medical research, semi conductor manufacturing, nuclear power generation, and fibre optics.

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