Residents reminded to keep off of ice as weather warms up

With spring weather sticking around, that means that snow and ice will be melting.

The Regina Fire and Protective Services (RFPS) reminds residents to stay off the ice.

“We just ask that everyone stay off the bodies of water, that includes Wascana, the storm channels, detention ponds,” said Fire Cheif Layne Jackson. “We know with the warm weather that the ice thickness and the ice conditions can change very rapidly and can cause dangerous situations.

Jackson said it’s only important to keep your pets off the ice as well.

“If you are walking near these bodies of water with pets, please ensure that they are leashed,” he said. “We do have to go out on a few calls each and every year to rescue pets, and if you do someone that is dangerously close to the ice surfaces or water bodies, you can always call Regina Police Service, and if you do see an emergency, please call 911.”

RFPS said that they respond to an average of 12 water rescue incidents a year.

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