Ukrainian President addresses Parliament

Parliament had the chance to hear from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy first hand on Tuesday morning, as the Ukrainian President made an video address via Zoom.

Zelenskyy is asking western nations to provide more help including NATO instituting a no-fly zone.

Speaking through a translator, the Ukrainian President says Canada has always been a strong partner of Ukraine and he expects that to continue. “You’ve offered your help, your assistance at our earliest request, you supply us with military with humanitarian assistance, you will impose severe sanctions.”

The Ukrainian President is hopeful the support from Canada will continue in the way of further sanctions. He is requesting for countries like Canada to continue issuing sanctions to Russian oligarchs that will continue to hinder their economy.

During his address, Zelenskyy also asked the members of the parliament to put themselves in the shoes of Ukrainians on the morning of February 24. “4 am, each of you, you start hearing bomb explosions, severe explosion, Justin can you imagine hearing your children here with all these severe explosions bombing of airports.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Ukrainians have played a huge role in the development of Canada throughout history since their earliest settlers and says he is looking forward to continuing to help Ukraine during the invasion.

(with files from CJGX Radio)

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