First of its kind International Training Program launched

The Ministry of Advanced Education and the Canadian Bureau for International Education are partnering to deliver an International Education Practitioner Program in Saskatchewan.

The first of its kind program was launched today to deliver international education training to the post-secondary education sector, part of the new International Education Strategy.

The training program will include three different levels. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced will consist of information on student recruitment and admission practices, international student services and supports, international relations and partnership development practices, and international student mobility specific to Saskatchewan.

Regardless of where they are in Saskatchewan, students will benefit from receiving the same experience and level of support.

Advanced Education Minister Gene Makowsky said that the program will deliver international education training to the post-secondary education sector to support a consistent understanding and knowledge of international engagement across the province.

“This program builds capacity within the sector to host international students and helps meet commitments in Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan by positioning the province as a study destination of choice.”

It is anticipated that by March 2023, 78 people will complete the program.

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