Weather forecast features a helpful warm-up to outdoor workers

It feels like it’s been a long time since the weather forecast has had more than a couple of plus temperatures, but this week has the respite from the cold many have been looking for.

Perhaps no one more than outdoor workers will appreciate the warmer weather coming up for southern Saskatchewan. Sherwood Co-op gas bar employee Brian Clermont is quite happy the weather will be turning warm again.

“It’ll definitely make the frostbite in your face and around your fingers a little bit better and it’ll be nicer to finally see some of the snow melt away,” Clermont said.

Clermont, speaking through a toque and balaclava seemingly thick enough to protect a mountain climber on the highest peaks in Nepal, would still feel the cold through the layers.

“Generally, I put on two shirts, a winter jacket underneath my Co-op winter jacket and these coveralls to protect against the wind, especially in Saskatchewan where it’s terrible for being cold,” he said.

Coping with cold weather like this required more than just a few layers of clothes.

“As long as you can rotate in and out a little bit to get warmed up (it’s ok),” said Clermont.

Temperatures are forecast to leap up to over 20 degrees beyond Friday’s daytime high of -17 by the middle of next week.

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