Federal government offers support to processing sector of supply-managed industries


Federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has announced an incentive plan to expand processing in the farm supply-managed sector.

Bibeau is providing almost 293 million dollars to support processors in the supply-managed sector to offset the impact of international trade agreements.

Through the Supply Management Processing investment fund, processors of supply managed commodities will be able to access funding to improve productivity and efficiency through investments in new automated equipment and technology.

The fund leverages private investment in processing plants to accelerate adoption of automation to lower processing costs, resolve labour shortages and enhance product quality.

Bibeau says work is underway with supply-managed sectors to determine full and fair compensation for the impact of the Canada-U.S.-Mexico agreement within the year.

The new support program is designed to provide financial aid for processors for dairy and poultry as well as hatcheries, egg graders and processors.

The funds are for automation, environmental sustainability, and improving food safety and animal welfare.


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