Gas prices putting the crunch on Uber drivers

The prices at the pump are dipping into the pockets of  Uber drivers.

Stephen Safinuk is a driver with Uber and he says the effects are definitely being felt.

“I can’t imagine how this is impacting full time drivers. I’m part time, and this means an extra 2-3 hours a week for me. As gas prices rise I have to spend even more time working.”

Uber as a company does little to help drivers with increasing costs – something Safinuk says is unfortunate.

“Uber has very specific rates that they follow, which don’t change regardless of gas prices. The rates are the same as they were when I started – at that point gas was $1.25 per litre.”

Safinuk says the price increases at the pump certainly might make the prospect of being a ride share driver not as appealing for some, and we may see fewer drivers on the road which will impact the end price for the consumer.

“As gas prices go up, drivers may drop off. Some can’t justify the increase. With fewer drivers, there is a higher chance of “surge pricing” which would affect the customer.”

Safinuk says he and his family are feeling the pinch of rising costs, on everything from food, to transportation.

One thing to consider when booking a driver – the tip you give at the end of the ride.  With financial impacts and stresses affecting everyone – it’s especially important to be nice and tip well.

“In the best of times, we make the majority of our money off tips. Be friendlier to your drivers. We’re doing the best we can right now, especially as gas continues to rise. Try to remember that we’re a service just like delivery drivers and wait staff. We really do rely on tips to keep going,” Safinuk reminds us.

It’s estimated that Uber employs approximately 100,000 drivers across Canada.




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