Blowing snow advisory returns to Saskatchewan

It’s a bad case of deja vu in Saskatchewan on Thursday as another blowing snow advisory has been issued for Regina along with the majority of the province.

Winds are expected to increase during the day according to Environment Canada’s Shannon Moodie, she noted the weather front Saskatchewan will be experiencing today will be similar to the blowing snow that caused the majority of the highways to be shutdown early Tuesday morning. “We have a low pressure system that will be moving through the province, that will bring some snow, not a lot precipitation wise maybe a centimetre or two, here or there, but again those really gusting northwestern winds.”

Wind speeds could reach as high as 70 km/hr throughout the day on Thursday. Moodie noted western Saskatchewan will begin to feel the effects of the blowing snow beginning later in the morning, while central and eastern Saskatchewan will start to feel its effects during the afternoon.

One difference from the blowing snow as compared to the beginning of the week according to Moodie is that today’s weather event is expected to clear out quicker than the winter weather did on Tuesday. “The system is pretty quick moving and the winds aren’t quite as strong as it was with the previous system.”

Moodie recommends if anyone is planning to travel throughout Saskatchewan this afternoon to check the highway hotline for  an updated list of road conditions.

Another nasty effect of winter the province will have to endure beginning Thursday evening is extreme cold temperatures that will likely lead to warnings being issued  sometime during the afternoon says Moodie.

Temperatures could reach as low as -29 along with windchills that could be hovering around -40 around the Regina area during the late hours on Thursday and the early hours on Friday.

The good news is the deep freeze is not expected to last that long, beginning on Saturday temperatures are expected to be around zero mark and are expected to continue that way to begin next week.

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