Yorkton man claims $20 million Lotto Max draw

There will be very little in the way of impulse spending after a recent $20 million dollar win by a retired Yorkton civil servant.

Saying he’ll soon be speaking to a financial advisor, a decidedly quite happy Ernie Anuik didn’t tell many people about his Feb. 15 win, only telling his four sons.

“And I said the same thing to each of them,” he said. “I asked them if they were sitting down, and to sit down. Of course, they thought I was pulling their leg, but eventually I think it sunk in. And that’s the only people I told.”

For Anuik, it has still taken some time to sink in. He checked his numbers at his drugstore in Yorkton a couple of times and then asked one of his sons to re-check.

He said he was fairly calm when he made the necessary phone calls to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation to confirm the win.

“I think it would have happened 20 years ago, it would have been a totally different story,” he said. “I know myself well enough that I would have probably been more excited about it.”

This lottery win was a on-in-33 million chance. Anuik said he’s never won anything this big before. But he did spend a bit of time in the limelight when, in Moose Jaw, has and some coworkers claimed $80 each in the old Montreal Olympic Lottery.

“So that’s the very first experience I had with lotteries,” Anuik said, also winning over $6,000 one time in 2011. “Over the years, I bought lots of tickets but then Sask Lotteries did support our kids at home. They were in various sports such as swimming and kayaking and that kind of stuff.”

Sask Lotteries raises funds for over 12,000 sport culture and recreation groups all over Saskatchewan.

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