Rising gas prices could put the city on the hook for 4 million dollars

The price at gas pumps is driving up municipal costs and could potentially leave the city of Regina with a 4 million dollar bill.

Every year the city budgets for fuel spending, this year fuel expenditures have been driven up by close to 55 percent, and amount that obviously does not fall within the city’s fuel plan.

With a fleet of vehicles that uses close to 7 million liters of fuel annually – this is of course a concern.

Regina Mayor Sandra Masters says the overage will likely be covered through other means if the cost of fuel stays the same.

“we can stage our capital infrastructure spending.  I would suspect administration will look at shortcomings, and that something may get potentially put off to ensure budget can be met by year end,” Masters’ continued that the city of Regina is legislated to have aa balanced budget each year.

“It’s of serious concern, for everything from our fleet equipment, to our construction equipment, busses, these costs are going to have to be absorbed somewhere within the system,” continued Masters.

Fuel costs have been driven up globally by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – and to some degree the economic sanctions put in place against the regime.




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