Regina Needle Recovery rebrands

The Regina Needle Recovery and Community Support has a new name and logo.

Now called, Warriors of Hope Community Support, the organization will still follow many of the same mandates and has introduced new ones. They will have the goal of finding housing, food, medical attention, and keeping the community clean of needles.

They will also focus on reuniting families and supplying clean harm reduction supplies to people who need them to prevent other health issues.

Shylo Stevenson, a communications officer for the organization said with the group evolving from five people picking to needles to running Camp Hope, it was time for a change.

“Going from picking up a needle in an alley to fully advocating for somebody in our backyard, that was a big change,” he said. “Going with Warriors of Hope was a carry-on from Camp Hope as well. It gave people hope for a better future, better life, better treatment and just hope in general. Warrior is based on our traditional backgrounds. People who are willing to go to any length for what they believe in and bring fair and equal treatment.”

Regina Needle Recovery and Community Support began operating in June 2021.

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