Blowing snow causing havoc on Saskatchewan roads

Early Tuesday morning was another reminder that winter is not planning to leave Saskatchewan anytime in the near future.

A blowing snow advisory was issued on Monday night and carried over into the early morning hours, winds in the province were as heavy as 80 km/hr during the overnight hours.

According to Brad Vroligk from Environment Canada, the blowing snow will continue to be a problem during the early hours of Tuesday. “With the winds and those flurries that are continuing to linger through the region, we’ve seen widespread blowing snow produced.”

Vroligk added the blowing snow is being reported in Regina stretching as far west as Swift Current and as far north as Saskatoon during the morning hours on Tuesday.

While the winds are producing heavy gusts, Vroligk says the snowfall is causing just as many visibility problems as the winds. “Where those flurries are as they move through, that little bit of added snow is actually producing extremely poor visibility with almost whiteout conditions at times.”

Some relief may arrive later in the afternoon on Tuesday as the winds should begin to calm down according to Vroligk. “In the Regina area we should start to see the winds ease sometime around lunchtime, early afternoon, generally speaking it will be the afternoon hours there will be a gradual improvement to conditions.”

Due to the blowing snow advisory, travelling throughout Saskatchewan will be difficult throughout Tuesday.

The highway hotline is reporting all highways surrounding Regina including Highway #1, Highway #11, Highway #6 , Highway #33 are reporting not travel recommended advisories.

Swift Current and Moose Jaw highways are also reporting no travel recommended advisories including Highway #1, Highway # 2 and Highway #36.

All highways surrounding Saskatoon are also reporting no travel recommended advisories including Highway #16, Highway #7, Highway #5 and Highway #11 north of the City.

Highway #10 south of Yorkton is reporting a travel not recommended advisory.

For the latest highway conditions you can check the highway hotline  

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