Speakers express sympathy with Ukraine, anger at Putin

Solidarity with Ukraine.

That was the message to hundreds of people outside the provincial legislature Thursday night as speaker after speaker expressed sympathy with those in Ukraine and those displaced in the recent invasion of Ukraine.

Some walked over to the Holodomor memorial on the legislative grounds just after the speeches. Regina Wascana Member of Parliament Michael Kram spoke at the rally on behalf of the federal government.

“I think it’s worth noting that Joseph Stalin was never held accountable for his war crimes and crimes against humanity, against the Ukrainian people, and the Russian federation has not apologized for those actions” said Kram of the Holodomor tragedy, which saw Ukraine leveled by a forced famine by the Stalin-led Soviet government. “That is a mistake we are not going to make this time around.”

Nearly 1 million people have been displaced as the invasion has gone on for a week and a half. Ukrainian cities are holding up well against the invading forces but thousands of citizens have died as the Russians claim more ground.

“It’s not the first war that Russia’s started, but it seems everyone was not decisive to do real actions and showing this hypocrisy,” said Anastasiia Sheichuk. “’Oh, they have energy we needed.’ The world finally needs to decide, what are they standing for? Human lives, democracy? Or do they just want money or resources?”

Terry Kuzyk from the Canadian Ukrainian Congress’ Regina chapter also spoke at the rally.

“Remember what happened in the past,” said Kuzyk. “We never thought it would happen again and it has. So whenever you have a chance, a moment, please go there to the Holodomor  statue and have a moment to yourself, a moment of prayer. Never ever let this end until Putin is gone.”

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