Pharmacists thanked during appreciation month

It’s taken a vaccination roll out during a pandemic for many to realize how important their pharmacists and pharmacies are in their lives.

The province announced that March is pharmacy appreciation month.

“During the pandemic there were many times a person couldn’t see their doctor, and may not see a nurse but they could see their pharmacist each and every day,” said Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) president Michael Fougere said. “We’re very proud of the role that pharmacists have played in the healthcare system during the pandemic, and we know that after the pandemic they’ll be seen as equally as important as well.”

They have administered over 600,000 COVID vaccines since they were available, and 180,000 flu shots through this flu season. They prescribe a range of medications dealing with things like bladder and skin infections, headaches, hemorrhoids and birth control.

Fougere talked about how important a local pharmacist can be throughout Saskatchewan.

“When you couldn’t reach some of your health care practitioners, you could see a pharmacist,” Fougere said. “Some places around the province where there is no hospital or doctor, there’s a pharmacist. They were on the front line of helping people and keeping them safe.”

As part of the appreciation month, people can nominate their pharmacists for the association’s annual people’s choice awards in April. The link to nominate is here.

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