COVID death toll edges upward in weekly report

The death count increased to 44 in this week’s COVID report from 37 in the previous week.

The province announced 44 deaths from COVID-19 for the week of Feb. 20-26. Eleven of those were in the north central zone, and nine were in the Regina zone. Five deaths were in people between age 40- and 59, seven were from ages 60 to 69 and eight were between 70 and 79. There were 24 deaths of people over age 80.

There were 1,102 new cases in the week, with 268 in Regina, 191 in Saskatoon and 100 in central east. There were also 85 in the southeast, 76 in north central and 70 in south central. There were 78 cases with pending locations.  There were 1,407 confirmed cases total in the week prior.

As of March 2, there were a total of 353 people hospitalized, down from 372 last week, and 30 were in adult ICU, up from 27 from the previous week.

A full 100 per cent of the 506 cases that were reported among the variants of concern were sequenced as the omicron variant, an increase of 344 from the 162 in the previous week.

There is still 85,5 per cent of  the population age five and up receiving at least one dose of a two-dose vaccine, with 80.3 per cent of the population completing a sequence. There is 50.7 per cent of the population 18 and over that has received at least one booster.

The province went to weekly reports last month. The report said rates should be interpreted with caution because they do not include cases detected by home rapid-antigen test kits.


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