Masking mandates officially removed in Saskatchewan

A long-time reminder of the COVID-19 pandemic will be no more in Saskatchewan starting today.

Effective today the Government of Saskatchewan will have officially removed all COVID mandates as mask mandates, which have become synonymous with COVID-19, have been removed.

On February 14th, the Government removed the proof of vaccination or negative mandates.

The lifting of the mandates comes apart of the province’s plan to ‘Live with COVID-19’ and also comes in what has marked one of the deadliest months of the pandemic for the province.

As of last Wednesday, there were 372 people in the hospital in Saskatchewan. That number increased close to 150 more than when mandates were introduced on September 18th, when 228 people were in the hospital.

The number is seven times higher than when the province lifted mandates for the first time back in July 2021, when just 54 people were in the hospital.

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