Saskatchewan resident says family in Ukraine are ‘traumatized and scared’

Instead of focusing on preparations for their upcoming dance festival, the Tarvia School of Ukrainian Dance is focusing on what is happening as Russia invades Ukraine.

Carolyn Warnyca Griffin, one of the chairpersons for the Tarvia Ukrainian Dance Festival, said she has family in Ukraine and from what she had heard, things are terrifying.

“Some of them are trapped in Kyiv, unable to leave. Fortunately, there are not in the area of Kyiv that is being bombed,” she said. “My cousins that are in Lviv (located 540 kilometres from Kyiv) have gone to a village to get away from the major cities.”

“They’re traumatized, they’re scared, they don’t know what’s happening, but with the Ukrainian resolve, everyone is going to fight. One cousin commented that even the artists, dancers, actors are picking up arms to defend Kyiv and defend Ukraine,” she continued.

She said even her cousins are getting ready to defend.

“They are ready to pick up arms and defend their country to their last breath.”

Warnyca Griffin said that the dance festival would have a new meaning when performed at the Regina Performing Arts Center from March 11 to 13.

“I think the dance festival gives the Ukrainian community across Saskatchewan the opportunity to gather and to show their support to each other,” she said. “We are all on the same page, and we are all praying Ukraine wins this war and Russia is pushed out, and we are allowed to have our independent Ukraine again.

She added that any opportunity to gather and celebrate our Ukrainian heritage is going to be welcomed.

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