Extreme cold weather moving out in time for the weekend

For the third straight day, an extreme cold warning has been issued for the City of Regina along with the eastern section of the province.

Wind chill values were as low as  -43 as various points throughout the early part of Thursday morning.

Eric Dykes from Environment Canada says that wind speeds will not increase too much throughout the day, “It will stay around the 15 km per hour mark through the day, perhaps subside a little bit as we get towards the evening hours maybe 10 km.”

The extreme cold warning is expected to be in place Friday morning, but afterwards the Regina area should be greeted with warmer temperatures according to Dykes. “Once again we got out of this cold snap today and tomorrow we are starting to see temperatures a couple of degrees above normal.”

The normal day time high for this time of year is -5 with a low of -16.

The warmer temperatures are expected to carry over into the weekend and into next week along with the beginning of March. Dykes added there is a chance for some snow. “Models are indicating possibly Sunday into Monday are saying that we could see a little snow more so for areas north of Regina.”

The extended forecast for the beginning of March is currently predicting that temperatures will be around the zero mark and possibly +1.

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