Prime Minister Trudeau Revokes Emergencies Act

The federal government announcing today that the usage of the emergency act is being revoked. The move comes as truck convoy protests in Ottawa and other areas of the country appear to be coming to a close.

Trudeau says the usage of the act was justified due to police forces across the country not having the resources necessary to handle the protests as threats of violence, and unrest took over Ottawa and border crossings around the country.

A cache of weapons was found near the Coutts MB. border among protesters there, in Ottawa the streets were snarled for weeks with no clear end in sight.

The act allowed the federal government to take control of the assets of the convoy protests biggest supporters, freezing accounts and putting a hold on fundraising efforts.

The usage of the act says Trudeau – was something that flowed from the charter of rights and freedoms.

“We followed procedure, and it is critical that we continue to do so. A joint committee of parliamentarians will be struck to review declaration”.

Within 60 days an enquiry will begin that Trudeau says will look at how we got here, and what future use of the act may look like.

Premier Scott Moe issued a statement in response to the revoking of the act saying

“The federal government revoking the Emergencies Act is the right thing to do, because it should not have been invoked in the first place. Law enforcement agencies already had all the tools they needed to stop illegal activity, and we are thankful for the men and women in uniform who work to keep Canadians safe every day.”

The Premier was considering a legal challenge of the use of the act. His statement continued with “Now, with a clear end to the use of the Emergencies Act, it is time for a clear end to mandates and restrictions. It is past time for the Trudeau government to detail a return to normal for all Canadians.”

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