Extreme cold hanging around the province for a couple of days

After a weekend of rain and icy conditions, a cold front is moving into Saskatchewan over the next couple of days.

An extreme cold warning has been issued for Regina and for the majority of the province.

The wind chills could reach as low as -42 Tuesday and Wednesday around the Regina area.

Dan Fulton from Environment Canada says the current cold front is very wide ranging. “Ridge of high pressure extends from northern B.C. all the way through the prairie provinces, nice clear skies but bitterly cold underneath that high ridge of pressure.”

After experiencing gusty winds in Regina over the last couple of weeks, there were calm winds around Regina early Tuesday morning, Fulton noted that the winds will pick up Tuesday afternoon and again on Wednesday. Fulton added the one downside of little wind, is that a heavier wind is needed to move the cold front along.

There is not any snowfall activity expected to be accompanied with the cold front, Fulton says the temperatures are expected to increase by the end of the week, the forecast is currently predicting the high for Friday will be around the -3.

Normally at around this time of year the average high is -5, with the average low being around -16.

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