Distinction of sex no longer required on SGI licenses

Saskatchewan residents now have the option to leave their sex identifier blank on government issued photo identification.

Previously a distinction of M, F, or X was necessary. This move is one that is part of their ongoing commitment to inclusivity says Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “We have customers who wish to refrain from identifying with any sex on their identification. This change gives them flexibility in how they are identified on SGI documents.

The option will be available to all customers, regardless of age, and with no additional documentation or costs. Customers simply need to visit a motor license issuer and request the change.

The move is being applauded by Queen City Pride’s director of marketing Dan Shier. Shier says having to produce government issued ID that doesn’t accurately represent how an individual identifies is something that causes anxiety and forces members of the 2SLGBTQIA community to sometimes avoid using services that they require.

“There are day to day challenges, and it gets to the point where someone would rather not call a bank or access services they need to be accessing because the challenge to prove who they are is so overbearing. This is a big deal for people.” Shier continues that the future and changes to the systems we work with are sometimes challenging as federal levels of ID and birth certificates are sometimes unable to be changed due to life situations presenting restrictions. “The fact that this change to the SGI license doesn’t come with a fee or an additional payment is an additional bonus, without adding to the expensive process of updating personal documents.”

Shier says that the move by the crown corporation is moving in the right direction. “It’s becoming easier for the younger generation to get the ID or the name that fits with them and their identity. For some other generations this was much more of a challenge.”


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