Regina-MLA Trent Wotherspoon announces he won’t be seeking NDP leadership

Trent Wotherspoon announced that he has pulled him name out of the hat to become the new leader of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party.

The longtime Regina-MLA announced via Twitter that will not be running to replace Ryan Meili who resigned last week.

“I’m not prepared to be away and sacrifice time like that at this stage of William’s life and our family. These years will race by and you don’t get them back.”

“I remain committed and motivated to serving as an MLA and doing the hard work as part of the team,” Wotherspoon noted.

The Regina-born MLA previously served as an interim leader for the party, and the official opposition in the Saskatchewan legislature, from April 2016 to June 2017.

He resigned from the interim role to run for permanent leadership of the party in March 2018.

“We have some exceptionally strong and exciting leaders that can bring new energy and change, an inspiring vision, fire in the belly and the needed ability to build the party, movement and the broad public support needed to win.”

Wotherspoon thanked everyone who had reached out, urged him to run, and offered support.

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