Regina city council approves REAL Master Plan

Regina’s city council approved the Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) Master Plan on Wednesday.

The Master Plan provides an overview of the proposed development parcels, the existing facility uses, the proposed uses, site conditions, and high-level servicing requirements. It will also allow REAL not to seek council approval for changes, improvements, and alterations to the campus as long as they are consistent with what is approved in the Master Plan.

Mayor Sandra Masters said Evraz Place is incredibly important to the community of Regina, and to people across the province.

“I’m not sure even in the province that there is another site that exists that drives three and a half million visitors onto one campus,” she said. “It’s enormously important from an economic perspective, from a social perspective and from making memories perspective in terms of community.”

Masters said a focus on the environment and making sure Evraz Place continues to be a staple in the City is what council found important in the Master Plan.

“I think what we are interested in is both that sustainability perspective financially, sustainability from an environmental perspective, as they’re looking at ideas and options for green buildings and for power sources that currently perhaps don’t exist,” she said.

“The continuous beautification in addition of recreational amenities so that it can continue to be what is it, a community gathering place and a place where the City of Regina and frankly again the province, perhaps, the nation knows when they come to the City of Regina they should be at that campus,” Masters continued.

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