Federal agriculture minister discusses need to end border blockades


Federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has released a statement following a decision by the Prime Minister to invoke the Emergency Measures Act.

Bibeau says border blockades have affected the safe movement of livestock, feed and goods and adversely affecting Canada’s food supply chain.

She met with industry leaders late Monday who said the blockade was having a significant impact on the livelihood of Canadian farm families and businesses who cannot sustain any more delays.

She says there are serious risks to animal welfare and there must be a smooth flow of livestock and feed ingredients across the border.

She adds there is also the risk of spoilage of perishable goods and the blockades need to end to avoid food loss and waste.

She said a thank you to the vast majority of truckers who are on the job and keeping essential supply chains moving.

While she respects the rights of Canadians to protest, the unlawful occupation of major border crossings must end.

She says the hardworking truckers are essential to the function of the agriculture and food supply chains.


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