Proof of Vaccination no longer required in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 passport requirement officially came to an end at 12:01 am Monday morning.

When making the announcement last week, Premier Scott Moe said now is the time for people to go back and living their lives as normal.

The Premier said the vaccine passport did help with the increase of the intake of the vaccine, it also created within Saskatchewan. “I knew that this policy would create deep divisions in our families, in our friendship groups in our province and in communities across Saskatchewan but people would potentially have different access or rights based on what their relative vaccination status would be, that is the result of that policy.”

In light of the announcement, the Premier asks residents of the province to be gracious in their differing views on the issue of vaccination.

The City of Regina and the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) have since followed along with the Saskatchewan’s government move as both organizations have removed the proof of vaccination requirements.

Proof of vaccination is no longer required for entry inside of City of Regina facilities.

The SHA has said that proof of vaccination is no longer required for its employees, as well visitors to hospitals and care homes in the province no longer have to show their proof of vaccination status to enter.

Masking mandates will remain in effect for Saskatchewan until March 1.

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