Regina council votes to end proof of vaccination and masking mandates

The City of Regina will follow the Provincial Governments’ health orders, removing proof of vaccination and masking mandates.

In an 8-2 vote, Regina City Council has voted to remove proof of vaccination at city facilities and in a 6-4 vote, Council voted to end masking in city facilities and transit.

Mayor Sandra Masters said that the City had followed the provincial health order, something they felt they wanted to continue to do.

“That umbrella coverage from the public health order, that’s really where the City has taken its stance,” she said. “With its removal, the logical step would be to continue to follow the public health order.”

Masters said they would continue monitoring and adjusting what COVID throws at them.

“COVID is not over. Just like we come in and out of waves and in and out of openness and restrictions, something else could be on the horizon. I think at this time; it’s working to follow the public health order and wait and see how Omicron ebbs. We know science from South Africa and the UK is a sharp drop off; that is what we will be looking for, and then hopefully, coming into March and April, we are not seeing any further waves.”

She said with low ICU numbers and the City’s vaccination rate, she feels comfortable lifting the reactions.

“What we are experiencing right now with those lower ICU numbers, frankly Regina’s vaccination rate above 82 per cent, I think we are at a time where we can move forward.

The proof of vaccination or negative test requirements will end on Monday, with the masking mandates at city facilities ending on March 1.

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