Shattered window leads to community coming together

A shattered window left a Regina business owner unsure if she wanted to pick up the pieces, however, an influx of community support changed her mind.

Aimee Schulhauser, the owner of Tangerine, discovered on Monday morning that a rock had been thrown through her businesses window, smashing it and leaving other damage in the process.

She would go on to express her frustration on social media, and even consider after a tough month of January for her business, closing the doors to her business.

However, an outpouring of community support in the form of a GoFundMe page has lifted her hopes.

“It was one of those things where is this the sign that I throw in the towel and close up,” she said. “It’s changed my whole outlook on the power of community and what we can do when the chips are down and when someone needs help. People will come together. Just one bad act doesn’t define the community or city.”

Currently, over $1,800 has been donated much to Schulhauser’s astonishment.

“There are people on there that I haven’t seen or talked to in years that are giving money. We are getting people from all parts of the community saying we don’t want you to go, we are sorry this happened to you, please don’t lose heart, please don’t lose faith. I am overwhelmed, I am blown away with the support that the community has given us.”

Schulhauser said that she doesn’t know what the repairs are going to cost, but plans on donating or paying forward extra money that is raised.

“I’m not looking to make money off of this or profit,” she said. “We are giving the extra to those who need it as well. Charity perhaps, but maybe if there is someone in the same situation we can pay it forward. We are going to make sure we take care of the next person.”

“From the bottom of our hearts and especially mine, thank you much for the support,” she added. “Ongoing from the past to now, and hopefully well into the future. I am super grateful and humbled.”

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