Premier Scott Moe flip flops on protest support

The Premier of Saskatchewan’s stance on freedom rally protestors blocking trade routes and overtaking Ottawa is being questioned by some today.

In an interview with CBC last night – Premier Scott Moe was asked if he supported the trucker convoy occupation of bridges and roadways across the country.

“It’s certainly going to get everyone’s attention when they do and it certainly isn’t up to me to judge whether they should or not,” said Moe.

The interviewer pressed Scott Moe for a clearer answer, and Scott Moe seemed to double down on his original statement. Suggesting Ottawa take another path forward with the convoy that is rooted in conversation and not force by police.

In a statement issued today – the Premier appeared to soften his stance saying that the Saskatchewan Government ” Supports everyone’s right to peaceful protest but not unlawful activity”

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili sees the premier’s initial comments on the CBC as a nod to far right groups.

“Our Premier doubled down by tacitly supporting both the message and the methods of the protestors in Ottawa, Coutts, and Windsor. A message that is anti vaccine, anti science. A message of people who are talking about overthrowing our elected government. A message connected to Q-Anon, to swastikas”

Meili sited the Premier’s removal of COVID-19 protections as a nod to those groups, caving into their demands, instead of considering the needs of the Saskatchewan people.

“Almost two years ago to the day – this Premier Scott Moe was lighting his hair on fire and doing advocacy work against blockades on our rail lines,” Said NDP Economic critic Aleana Young.

Young brought forward the Premier’s stance on rail blockades that took place in 2020 when indigenous land and water protectors opposed pipeline projects.

“He said Canadians feel the very real impact of blockades and they are running out of patience. Now we see a man who goes on a national stage as our representative to wink at bad actors. Let’s be clear what the Premier is doing is not about truckers or vaccination mandates. Certainly not when his government has entirely ignored the trucking industry and their lobby efforts, and has said little if anything on the challenges facing supply chains. This is about the Premier’s ego and cowardice. How hard is it to stand up to those who are hurting small businesses the economy of our neighbors, and possibly the economy of Saskatchewan?” asked Young.

“Let me be clear,” Young continued “Our Premier is egging on disruption and uncertainty. It’s not only Shameful – but dangerous.”





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