Rawry and Pohly bring acclaimed artwork to FROST Regina Festival

The connection with the inner child is something artists Kevin Chow and Jamie Mason are passionate about.

Chow and Mason have grown acclaim as the dynamic art duo Rawry and Pohly. The name is derived from their childhood teddy bears. The name encompasses the idea of not giving up something that you should as an adult. Never giving up that childhood spark.

” The question we ask ourselves is how can we bring to life the connection with the inner child,” says Kevin Chow.

A connection that has made their art practice relatable. We’ve all been in a place where we are asked to put away childhood things.

Rawry and Pohly are originally from Regina. Relocating to Calgary and trusting in their craft has pushed them to international success. Creating artwork has allowed them to travel, work on many large scale projects and show the world accessible artwork.

Kevin chow maintains that there is a difference between viewing artwork in a private setting, versus in one as public and grand as the Frost Regina festival, “Artwork in a private setting literally allows you to curate a mini gallery. In the public sense you walk up to something and look for an emotional connection. Good art should make you feel something – that was the goal with our Frost Regina Projects”.

The projects in question – a collection of 7 foot tall gummy bears in Regina’s warehouse district, and the Urban Animals in Victoria Park. Bright light-up animals inviting participants to hunt for acorns hidden through the park – and an election campaign having viewers voting for the “squishiest squish” in Regina. If participants are successful – they can “win” one of a kind art stickers from R&P.

“With these pieces we are striving to evoke the little feelings that your childhood was full of back in the day. Giant gummy bears. Remember going to the candy store and choosing your favorite gummy bears? Only eating the greens. Holding the gummy bear up to the light and seeing the bubbles, or “frankenstining” them together and making your own color of gummy bear,” laughs Chow.

Rawry and Pohly hope people see these pieces and feel those connections.

The message behind Rawry and Pohly is relatable and genuine, this has driven interest in what they are creating.. The duo is setting sights on Burning Man in Nevada, and bringing their work to communities that might not have access to much art work.

Creating the Urban Animals display for Frost in Victoria Park, and the Gummy Bear Picnic in Regina’s warehouse district was quite an undertaking – the gummy bears are among the biggest works created by Rawry and Pohly. The frigid Saskatchewan temperatures haven’t stopped Kevin and Jamie. “Cold fingers don’t work as dexterously as you want them too. We’ve been spoiled by Chinooks in Calgary!”.

Returning to Regina has been special for Chow and Mason. “I grew up here. I know every street, I have friends and family here. Coming back here has been a treat. Especially when we can show everyone we grew up with what we’re doing now – when we can show them these sculptures at Frost.”

If you’d like to own a piece of their artwork visit them here.

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