Sask. NDP want a recall of the Legislature for debate on Omicron response

The provincial NDP feel that Premier Scott Moe should be held accountable for his recent statements about possibly removing restrictions in the near future.

The NDP would like to see the legislature recalled for an emergency debate on the Omicron response.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili said that the Premier has to face questions if the Legislature is recalled. “In here he can’t hide, if he comes in here, he has to answer our questions, he is forced to speak to the press, he’s forced to hear from us and that’s why this work in this house is so important.”

One of the changes that was introduced by the Saskatchewan government from earlier this week was the switch of COVID information being posted on the provincial dashboard on weekly basis instead of a daily basis. Meili believes that the residents are losing a valuable tool. “Taking that away will further reduce any further motivation for people too wear their mask where they should, to be careful with their contacts, to get the vaccine if they haven’t.”

The public continues to be withheld from important COVID according Meili, he noted the Saskatchewan government has not provided any benchmark numbers that would trigger possible further action or possibly reduce the restrictions. The NDP leader says releasing those numbers will provide guidance for the province. “The more transparent that we are about that, the more that people can understand.”


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