New durum varieties developed for resistance to fusarium head blight


Agriculture Canada says a new durum wheat variety is the first in the world to show intermediate resistance to fusarium head blight.

Developed by wheat breeder Dr. Yuefeng Ruan of the Swift Current Research Centre, the new lines leverage genetic technologies to bolster resistance to fusarium.

The first variety is known as DT 2009, the first with intermediate resistance rating to fusarum, high yield and straw strength similar to Brigade, protein concentration similar to Strongfield, plant height and maturity similar to Cabri.

The DT 2009 also showed good drought tolerance and yield under 2021 extreme drought conditions.

Its also resistant to all rusts.

A second variety, DT 2005 demonstrates increased yield and improved Fusarium head blight responses over current registered cultivars.

DT 2005 shows 2.8 percent higher yield than Brigade with similar protein content and straw strength.

Its also resistant to leaf rust, stem rust and stripe rust.

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