Saskatchewan Doctors say it’s too soon to remove COVID-19 mandates

Saskatchewan doctors are disappointed with Premier Scott Moe’s recent comments on vaccines. This past weekend Moe issued a letter aimed at members of the trucking industry. In the letter he refuted the effectiveness of vaccines in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. A statement the president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association Dr. Eben Strydom says is irresponsible.

“The Premier’s statements continue to ignore the advice of medical experts at a time when COVID-19 hospitalizations have reached their highest levels since the start of the pandemic,” Dr. Strydom said. “It shows no empathy for the thousands of health-care workers wo are bearing the unrelenting weight of caring for such a high volume of COVID-19 patients, and the impact that has had on health services.

COVID-19 hospitalizations are at an all time high provincially, breaking records set in October of 2021. The timing of this letter could not come at a worse time according to Dr. Strydom.

“Everyone should be doing all we can to drive that number down, to prevent further spread of the Omicron variant, to keep people as safe as possible.”

Dr. Strydom said that the priority of the provincial government should be on mitigating COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalizations. Dr. Strydom added that consistent messaging from provincial leaders around vaccinations is essential. Imploring them to put focus back on promoting every single eligible resident be boosted, and the government should maintain proof of vaccination protocols providing a degree of safety for people as they go about their lives.

During a press conference yesterday Premier Scott Moe reiterated his position on vaccine mandates and other policies connected to COVID-19. When asked specifically about statements made regarding vaccinations preventing the spread of Omicron the Premier had this to say, “It’s not debatable. when you look at the data here in Saskatchewan. The Data is the data. Anyone can look at it and I would encourage all Saskatchewan residents to have a look at the data with respect to the cases of Omicron that we have whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated,” said Moe.

Dr. Strydom disagrees with the Premier’s statement and the mixed messaging being communicated to the people of Saskatchewan with regards to vaccinations.

“we want to continue to advocate for the best possible ways to protect lives, protect our vulnerable, protect our system, and protect our economy. The most important thing is the vaccine, specifically with a virus that changes the way this one does. The data is clear that the vaccine provides significant protection. In addition to that we still need to be vigilant in keeping groups small, wearing our masks, washing hands, and help everyone get to the target of safely removing these mandates. The vaccine is reducing transmission and preventing disease in a significant amount of patients who are vaccinated. That is the bottom line.”

Premier Moe has promised to remove proof of vaccine mandates and other restrictions in the very near future.






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