Alberta Clipper makes its impact in Saskatchewan

The province will be dealing with the aftermath of an Alberta Clipper that made its way through Saskatchewan on Monday and early Tuesday morning.

Excessive winds combined with snowfall created near zero visibility on the highways that began in the Western part of the province Monday afternoon.

Shannon Moody from Environment Canada says the impact of the blizzard was felt throughout the entire province. She noted that heavy winds were felt throughout southeast part of the province including the Regina area. “Yesterday we saw winds increase quite significantly particularly over Southeastern Saskatchewan, in Regina we saw peak winds at 93 km/hr, in Weyburn had 98, and the Estevan stations were reporting 90 plus km winds per hour with that nine hours of blizzard conditions.”

The Regina area saw around 3 cm of snow during the blizzard.

The blizzard warning has been lifted for the majority of the province early Tuesday morning as the weather system moves in to Manitoba.

While the weather system will move into Manitoba, we are still going to see colder temperatures settle in Saskatchewan. “The cloud, the snow, and the winds have all diminished and petered out but with that we do have a ridge building into the area and that ridge is bringing in some cold arctic air, definitely very cold temperatures over the next couple of days.”

Travelling across Saskatchewan today will be extremely difficult following the blizzard.

The highway hotline is reporting that all the highways in Central and Eastern Saskatchewan have been closed including all the highways surrounding the Regina and Moose Jaw areas as of early Tuesday morning.

Highways around the Saskatoon have begun to open up during the early part of the morning, but travel is still not recommended for the most part in the area.

Before heading out the on the roads you are advised to check the provincial highway hotline.

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