‘Solidarity Convoy’ and over a thousand supporters roll into Regina to oppose vaccine mandate for truckers

As the ‘Freedom Convoy’ rolled into Ottawa on Saturday, support was shown in Regina as the ‘Saskatchewan Solidarity Convoy,’ and their supporters all met the Legislative Building.

The solidarity convoy saw over 500 trucks and over a thousand supporters gather to protest the vaccine mandate for cross-border truck drivers, as well as COVID-19 restrictions in general.

Marv Parschauer came from Swift Current to show his support.

“When we come together as one, it sends a message that we are in this together. The best thing we can do is come together to voice our concerns.

Parschauer said with the convoy in Regina and Ottawa; he hopes it can get the message across to the Prime Minister.

“This is just sending a strong message to everybody that we are not alone, and I think that was the message that many people were feeling that they were in it by themselves and there not, we are in this together, and in unity there is strength,” he said.

Cody Kelliher drove three hours from Langham to show his support.

“I just think it’s time to end the mandates; it’s obviously not workers we need to go back to normal life,” he said.

Kelliher is one of the many personally impacted by the pandemic and mandates; as he said, he lost his job in the oilfield due to the pandemic.

“I’ve been on E.I. because of it. Enough is enough; I’m fed up.”

Another supporter, named Scott, also travelled to support the convoy.

“I support it for the fact that if we don’t stand up now and say something, our kids in the future aren’t going to have a chance to stand up and have the freedoms that we’ve grown up with,” he said.

“It’s tremendous the kind of support that shown up,” he added. “We need the right to choose; if you want to wear a mask, you wear one; it’s people’s choice.”

Premier Scott Moe sent out a letter supporting truckers and an end to mandates. Many protesters were pleased with the letter’s sentiments, but others wanted to see more from the Premier and wished he had shown up in person.

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