COVID affecting City participation rates, not staff service

As cases the Omicron variant continues, it is affecting the number of residents using the City of Regina’s leisure facilities.

According to the City, participation levels at the leisure centres sit at about 60 percent of pre-COVID numbers.

Laurie Shalley, the director of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services, said

“After we implemented the proof of vaccination or negative test requirement, our numbers started to go up. They peaked at about 70 percent of our pre-COVID levels just before Christmas,” she said. “Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a bit of a drop in participation.”

With COVID affecting participation rates at City facilities, City Manager City Holden says COVID hasn’t affected their ability to provide those services.

“We monitor the impact on our staff in terms of sickness and sickness due to COVID, and what I can say is at the present time we are not in a situation where staff illness is impacting our ability to provide services,” he said.

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