City of Regina looking for feedback on proposed dog park in A.E. Wilson Park

It is estimated that 30,000 dogs call the Queen City home.

To help meet the increasing amount of canines, the City of Regina is looking to expand on the amount of off leash dog parks.

Chris Sale from the City of Regina says this is something that they have been exploring since 2019. “City Council passed a recreational master plan back in 2019, the recreation master plan identified that dog parks were priorities through our household survey and through our youth survey.”

There are certain requirements that city looks for when trying to find off leash dog parks according to Sale. “A site that has good access, has available land so that we won’t be displacing one use when we put in the dog park, we are looking for other amenities around that could add some synergy to the park.”

The city is looking for feedback about the proposed dog park that would be located in the northwest end of the city inside of A.E. Wilson Park. Sale says they are looking to get reaction to a few questions about the park inside of a survey. “Whether or not residents agree or disagree with the proposed location, whether or not they would use it, we’re looking to reconfirm what the recreation master plan has said which is off leash dog parks are an important community asset.”

The survey can be found at 

The survey will be available until February 6. Sale said after that compiling the results of the survey, they will take their findings back to council. Sale is hopeful that the dog park in A.E. Wilson can be completed sometime in 2022, but with complications of COVID-19, it is a possibility the park will not open until 2023.

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