Criminal funds used to buy new policing tools

The Saskatchewan Government is providing more than $750K to police agencies around the province.

The funds are coming from the criminal property forfeiture fund and will be used to purchase new policing tools in the Regina, Saskatoon, Weyburn and File Hills districts.

In Regina $300,000 will be used to purchase a real time infrared and night vision camera system to be used in the creation of the Regina Police Aerial Support unit. Weyburn police will see $29,000 going towards acquisition of canine pup and its subsequent training. The dog will be trained to assist Weyburn police in their drug enforcement strategies.

The Saskatoon Police service will receive $37,000 worth of  upgrades to it’s digital forensic analysis equipment. The new gear will be used to unlock encrypted mobile devices during investigations. In the File Hills region $21,000 will be used  for new law enforcement physical abilities test and training equipment. The equipment will be used in community outreach programs.

Saskatchewan’s Civil Forfeiture Program seeks the forfeiture of property that is considered to be proceeds or an instrument of unlawful activity. To date 6.3 million dollars has been redistributed through the program.

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