Playter looking forward to leading Regina Chamber of Commerce

Interim CEO of the Regina Chamber of Commerce Tony Playter, is looking forward to carrying on the legacy left behind from longtime CEO John Hopkins.

Playter was recently appointed to the role as Hopkins takes time to deal with medical issues.

He says that Hopkins left a huge within the Chamber and the City of Regina. “John has been a friend and a mentor for so many years and John has been an amazing advocate for our community and it’s my pleasure to continue his work while he is away.”

The strong relationship that Hopkins had with all three levels of government is something that the Regina Chamber of Commerce needs to continue says Playter.

There are plenty of challenges that are facing the local business community during the pandemic, Playter adds the Chamber of Commerce will continue to support businesses during these troubled times. He noted one the main priorities is to make COVID-19 tests available. “Our website is constantly updating with COVID and current business program information that will be available to our membership.”

Playter adds that the Chamber will be conducting a survey with its members to gauge the priorities and concerns for the business community as the pandemic continues.

2022 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the Regina Chamber of Commerce. There are several events that will attract plenty of attention to the Queen City, especially the Grey Cup.

The football celebration in November will give bring a lot of positive energy to Regina. “We can showcase all the outstanding amenities we have in our city, the crown jewel of Wascana Park, the warmth of our volunteers and community in general. it gives us an opportunity in a spotlight in center stage on a national basis.”

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