Last Mountain Distillery rewarded at Canadian Whisky Awards

2022 got off to a great start for the Last Mountain Distillery.

They took home eight awards at the Canadian Whisky Awards including the honour of Best Wheat Whisky Award.

General Manager Braeden Raiwet  says they take a local approach when creating the whisky. “We’re getting our grain from the farmer right down the road and doing things very hands on, so we’re not like a big mass producer like some other places that people may be familiar with.”

There was plenty of tough competition that the Last Mountain Distillery had to compete with according to Raiwet. “Definitely very humbling especially getting perked alongside with some of those big guys who have been doing this for years and years.”

In total, Last Mountain Distillery was able to capture eight awards in total at the Canadian Whisky Awards including silver medals for Single Cask Wheat, Single Cask Rye and Single Cask Rye Corn.

Looking ahead to the future, Raiwet envisions a lot of great things happening with Last Mountain Distillery. “Looking to make some of those different finishes, different barrels and grow that whisky from Saskatchewan.” Raiwet added “We do have some of the best grain right here in Saskatchewan, it should be growing in the next couple of years.”

The Canadian Whisky Awards were held in conjunction with the Victoria Whisky Festival.

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