FROST Regina preparing contingency plans, but not to cancel

We sit less than two weeks away from FROST Regina kicking off, but we also sit around two weeks away from a fifth of the pandemic in Saskatchewan possibly spiking.

The Province’s Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Saqib Shahab, said earlier this week that he expects the province to hit its fifth wave peak in two to four weeks, first in Regina and Saskatoon and then eventually in less-populated regions. With FROST Regina set to run February 4 to 13, they would put it right in the middle of the possible spike.

President and CEO of the Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) Tim Reid said they don’t plan to cancel the event, but they are putting two contingency plans in place.

“One is, we are not allowed to have indoor gatherings, so we have to bring everything outdoors, which we have already seen through the course of last year there is significantly less risk associated with, but then there is an element where if numbers get signally concerning within the province we do anticipate there might be a need to cancel.”

“All the programming that is considered an element of FROST is in alignment with the existing public health order,” he continued. “We also recognize that may change on the horizon, and if it does, we are prepared.”

With FROST’s opening on the horizon, Reid said they are looking for volunteers.

“We are searching for some volunteers to help us deliver some of these events, particularly given the fact there are so many free events.”

“We made the decision as the FROST committee and so for all four hubs, any contractors, any volunteers, and staff, and anybody that is directly associated with the event will have to have proof of a negative test or will have to proof of verification of vaccination,” Reid noted.

Reid added that if the event can go on, whether it is indoors or outdoors, he believes it will be a fantastic experience

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