Council approves supportive housing for single mothers

The City of Regina has approved the building of duplexes that will provide supportive housing to single mothers and their children.

The housing will consist of six side-by-side duplexes, with each unit having three bedrooms and will provide housing for 12 mothers and children.

The building of the ‘Lilium Village’ will be long-term transitional housing, and families will be able to live at the village for two to five years with rent fixed at 30 per cent of their household income while ‘they build healthy relationships, increase their education and improve their employment status.’`

Victoria Aspinall, the board president of MayBell Developments, said that the rent would be flexible and change on a month-to-month basis.

The site will also feature plans to renovate the existing building to include a 50-space childcare centre.

MayBell will use the childcare space in the evenings and weekends to provide programming for our residents, including financial education, soft job skills, and tenancy training.

“It will meet a substantial need in the heritage community as there are no existing child care centres in that community,” Aspinall said.

She added that they are hoping for the village and child care centre to be opened up later this year in the fall.

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