Sask government takes steps to reduce federal carbon tax on more businesses

The Saskatchewan government says it is expanding the provincial Output-based Performance Standards program to protect workers and businesses from the harmful effects of the federal carbon tax.

Effective this month, industrial facilities in five more sectors are eligible to be covered by the provincial output standards instead of Ottawa’s industrial pricing system.

These sectors include chemical manufacturing, wood product manufacturing, mineral product manufacturing, agricultural and industrial equipment manufacturing and food and beverage processing.

The threshold for participation in the provincial output program has been lowered from 10 thousand tons carbon dioxide equivalent to zero tons.

Its expected 30 more facilities will register under the expanded provincial program, bringing the total savings to Saskatchewan’s industries to 2.3 billion dollars by 2030.

In coming months, the province is also again submitting proposals to take control of the federally imposed carbon tax and bring the two remaining sectors, electricity generation and natural gas transmission into the provincial output program.


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