Rink on Wascana opens to the public

Wascana Park has been called a crown jewel for Regina and on Thursday, the City of Regina and the Prairie Capital Commission (PCC) added another piece to that jewel.

The Rink on Wascana was unveiled to the public. The rink is situated on top of Wascana Lake and is positioned in front of the Legislative Building.

Minister Responsible for the PCC Don McMorris says the rink will provide an enjoyable experience for residents. “Families and friends will have the opportunity to skate on an outdoor rink with safety measures in place, including professional boards, lighting, ice maintenance, ice thickness testing and washrooms.”

The PCC invested $200,000 into the completion of the rink at Wascana.

Mayor Sandra Masters says outdoor skating rinks are apart of the identity of the Queen City, as she says Regina should embrace itself as a winter city. “The increase in public activities represented in this rink is crucial to create a sense of pride, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.”

Facilities like outdoor rinks are important to encourage physical activity and provide relief for mental health according to Masters.

With the rink on Wascana Lake, Dr. Jeff Keshen, President of the University of Regina says it is an important addition for not only the city, but for the university as well. “It’s home to the University of Regina, both our main campus and our College Avenue campuses. As a university we are so proud, honoured to have representation on the PCC who administered, who maintain Wascana Park for all of us, we’re fortunate to have the park as our home and we do truly cherish it.”

The rink will be also focused on skating with hockey equipment only used for special events.

The rink on Wascana will be apart of the Frost Regina Winter Festival as the Wascana Centre Hub.

The plan is to keep the rink open until the end of February. It is open seven days a week from 11:00 am- 9:00 pm.

Current Public Health Orders will be observed which includes required masking inside of the warming and washroom facilities.

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