Saskatchewan lakes busy with ice fishing activity

The ice fishing season is well underway in Saskatchewan

Throughout the entire year around the province is able to attract 250,000 anglers with about 20% of them taking part in ice fishing.

Murray Koob  from the Ministry of Environment says there are couple of important reminders to keep in mind when heading out on the lake for ice fishing. “Should always test ice thickness before travelling on the ice, we recommend 10 centimetres of really good ice as required for walking and 30 centimetres for light vehicle travel and avoid travelling around areas of moving water.”

Packing warm clothes and keeping an eye on the forecast are some more important tips to keep in mind when preparing for an ice fishing trip.

Some of the rules that apply to summer fishing also pertain to ice fishing. Koob says there are a couple of important rules to remember. “The rules that apply the summer also apply to the winter, except in winter you’re allowed to fish with two lines, every angler must be within 25 meters within those lines at all times nd they must be visible to that angler.”

If you are planning to leave a shack overnight, Koob says the shack must be identified with your name and contact information.

There are still a couple of months remaining for ice fishing season in the province. The southern section of the province which is south of  Highway #55, along with the central section of the province have their ice fishing season end on March 31.

The northern section of the province has their ice fishing season end on April 15, pending ice conditions.


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