Heavy winds and cold temperatures return to Saskatchewan

After a couple of nice days, the nasty side of winter has returned to Saskatchewan.

Overnight snowfall along with heavy winds have caused drifting and blowing snow, creating less than ideal driving conditions throughout the province.

Eric Dykes from Environment Canada says that the heavy winds will continue around the Regina area on Tuesday morning. “We’re going to see winds in that 60-80 km/h range this morning, perhaps closer to the 70-90 km/h wind warning threshold. Very strong winds through the morning hours with the winds probably diminishing around midday. ”

Driving will be difficult whether it is inside the city or on the highways around the province according to Dykes. He noted the pattern of the weather front that is moving across Saskatchewan has a history of lasting for a few hours.

He also noted the impact of the wind will be felt by motorists when driving. “The winter storm watch in the area right now is meant to give the heads up necessary for this phenomenon through the morning hours. Travellers even within the city, if you are driving in open areas, you are going to feel the brunt of the wind, the reduced visibility and the blowing snow.”

While the heavy winds will settle down at some point on Tuesday, Dykes adds that there will be an extreme cold front that will settle that will bring extreme cold temperatures late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. “We the overnight low is -26 for tonight with the return of cold temperatures, wind chill values that are going to be nearing -40 once again.”

The good news according to Dykes, is that the cold temperatures will not linger for a couple weeks, like they did in early January and we can expect warmer temperatures later this week.

The Highway Hotline is reporting that travel is not recommended at this time for all highways surrounding the Regina, including Highway 11 between Lumsden and Regina being closed off early on Tuesday morning.

Travel is also not recommended on Highway 1 west of Moose Jaw.

The Highway Hotline is also not recommending travel around the Saskatoon and Prince Albert areas early Tuesday morning.

If you are travelling on the roads today, you are asked to check the Highway hotline before heading out to get an updated look at the road conditions.

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