Regina School Division Director encourages parents to prepare for possibility of remote learning

A letter sent to parents in the Regina Public School Division from Director of the division Greg Enion paints a grim picture of staffing levels at public schools.

The letter – sent out January 17th,  reports that “To date school operations have been strained, as staff members are having to cover for absent colleagues. Availability of substitutes for both teaching and support have also been in short supply”

The letter encourages school families to be prepared for the contingency of remote learning. Enion says this information may be communicated on short notice.

Last week the division recorded 526 self reported cases from school families and students, with 53 of the cases being reported among staff members.

The division reported that 40 of it’s 52 schools reported cases of COVID-19 January 17th.

With more than 3/4 of schools in the Regina public system reporting cases of COVID-19. It is becoming more apparent than ever that the school systems are under pressure due to the pandemic.

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