Provincial Snowmobiling Safety Week recognized

Snowmobiling is one of the favourite winter pastimes in Saskatchewan and to raise awareness on safety, this week has been proclaimed Provincial Snowmobiling Safety Week.

The week serves as an opportunity for the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association to remind the residents of the province some important safety tips.

Executive Director Leah Switzer says along with checking your snowmobile before heading out on the trails. “You should make sure it’s in good running condition, carry a spare belt and spark plugs with you, check the weather and dress appropriately, pack along a lot of safety gear clothing and a cell phone and then plan your route, know where you are going, share that route with someone else so that if you’re not home when expected they know when to start looking.”

The interactive map on the Saskatchewan Snowmobiling Association’s website provides snowmobilers an updated look at trails around the province.

Switzer says the interactive map can be a very helpful tool. “If you go on there, it will show you which trails are still closed, they haven’t been groomed yet, it can be a variety of reasons, they’re still working on getting landowners permission or up north there is some forestry that happens.”

Extra caution is needed when travelling with a snowmobile at night according to Switzer. “You really have to adjust your speed, you don’t want to outride your headlights, have a good idea of where you are going, stick to the trails wherever possible, our signage is there, it’s reflective, it will pick up in your headlights, and help you guide you to where you are going.”

The Saskatchewan Snowmobiling Association’s website can be found at


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